Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rain Garden

The Rain Garden was originally designed in October of 2007 by Master Gardener Volunteers. The Rain Garden is in an open, full sun, plot with a 6-inch depth and a berm wall on all sides.  Originally, 18 prairie plant species were growing in the Rain Garden and it had over 100 plants.  

In 2017, the Rain Garden was "refurbished" following a planting design for a full sun, clay soil rain garden selected from UW-EX Publication GWQ037, Rain Garden-a how-to Manual for Homeowners prepared by Roger Bannerman:  The design creates a matrix of sedge spaced evenly between the forb species, and has 3 large plants that form focal points.  The majority of the original plantings were incorporated in the new design.

Currently, 29 prairie plant species and 3 cultivars are growing in the Rain Garden and it has over 150 forbs.  Sedge plants grown from seed will be added in the fall.  Plastic edging was installed along the perimeter to deter grass from entering the garden area.

Jane Graham and Diane Amundson were co-leaders of the Rain Garden Adopt-a-Garden Team in 2017.  Team Members include:

Corey Anderson 1st Year
Laurie Robertson 1st Year
Karen Nickels 1st Year

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